Shipping and return policies for K8A

Shipping Info
I've never shipped something before. Once, I was really bored and I tried to sell rotting books I had on my shelves. The minute I had buyers, I'd write them a message saying that I didn't know how to ship things and that it was more like an experiment... But don't be alarmed. I want to give you much love and I promise that everything will be wrapped, designed and uniquely shipped just for you! I'll put perfume on silk paper and I'll add ''paintings'' I do just for fun! (cause sometimes I feel like a 5 year old that deserves a place on your refrigerator)
There are no games anymore. Well... fun games that you'll also enjoy with me, K8A.
Return Policy
No refunds and no returns - once it gets to you, it sticks to you. Like an earworm.